Get Smooth & Get Back To Your Life

At Cezanne, we believe that keratin smoothing treatments shouldn’t interrupt your entire life. Unlike traditional keratin treatments, Cezanne seals into the hair before you leave the salon. Other keratin treatments need time to bond with the hair, leaving your smooth hair susceptible to daily exposure and environmental elements.Immediately after a Cezanne Treatment, you can do anything you want: style your hair, go swimming, or go to the gym. With Cezanne, there are no trade-offs because our formula and our process is like no other!

No Wait for Shampooing

Traditional keratin treatments need more time to set into hair, forcing you to wait several days to shampoo your hair after a keratin treatment. With Cezanne, there’s no wait time. You can shampoo your hair immediately after your treatment if you’d like!

No Wait for Exercise

We believe that getting a keratin treatment shouldn't keep you from going to the gym. Traditional keratin treatments recommend waiting at least three days before high levels of activity which cause sweating. There’s no wait period with Cezanne, no need to postpone your workout routine.

No Wait for Styling

For the first several days after a traditional keratin treatment, you may have to keep your hair down and straight – no ponytails, buns, clips or braids. You may not even be able to brush your hair! Cezanne keratin treatments allow you to style your hair without worry, your hair will remain smooth and frizz-free.

No Wait for Coloring

Some keratin treatments require a two week wait before color services because color can interrupt the setting process of a traditional keratin treatment, resulting in uneven texture. Cezanne is different – you can color the same day without damaging your hair. It is important to consult with your salon professional to determine the best process for a same-day color and keratin treatment service.

Classic Treatment

Are you looking for a way to tame frizzy hair? A keratin smoothing treatment could be just what you need. Cezanne’s Classic Keratin Smoothing Treatment smoothes all hair types, including straight, wavy, textured, and curly hair. Unlike hair straightening treatments, our formaldehyde-free hair smoothing treatments tame frizz while giving you styling options.

Express Treatment

What should you do if you want a keratin treatment, but you want to protect your color-treated hair? You should use our keratin Express Treatment, which moisturizes your hair while strengthening the keratin complex in each strand. It works for all hair types, from straight hair to textured and curly hair.

Ultimate Blonde Treatment

At Cezanne, we understand that color-treated blonde hair care requires certain steps, such as toning. That’s why we developed our Ultimate Blonde Keratin Smoothing Treatment. This smoothing treatment for blonde hair uses blue-violet pigment to remove brassy yellow shades while still smoothing damaged hair.

Instant Treatment

Would you like to tame your hair with Cezanne’s Classic Keratin Smoothing Treatment? But what if you want a haircut, too? Our Instant Frizz Eliminator Smoothing Spray allows you to do both. This frizz eliminator has shorter process and service times than the Classic Keratin Smoothing Treatment, but it de-frizzes your hair for up to 6 weeks.

Results and Testimonials

"...I adore Cezanne products! The fact that it is non toxic, and formaldehyde free, make it my go to, for a smoothing system. There are no harsh odors, and my clients love that too..."

"...My favorite thing about Cezanne is how easily I can style my hair- it takes no time to blow dry- and then I can leave it natural and it still looks polished, or I can curl it in minutes and it's bouncy and healthy looking..."

"...I love Cezanne because of the Cezanne shine and no trade off results! It's made a huge difference in the health of career and couldn't be more thankful. I also love the flexibility of Cezanne with the different treatment options, it makes it a service for every client!..."

Frequently Asked Questions

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