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Shaena Engles, Patch

"I would highly recommend the Cezanne Classic [Keratin] Smoothing Treatment. After a few weeks, I have lots of healthy new hair growth, shiny strands and no frizz." ✨

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Emily Wagner, GROOMED LA

"This weekend I finally tried Cezanne! Let’s just say, I couldn’t wait for this. We all know by now how toxic the old ways of straightening and smoothing are. The process was so easy – and zero anxiety about breathing in noxious fumes! (Because – NONE)."

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Amber Kallor, The Wall Street Journal

“Two decades ago, Descano, the communications exec, tried her first in-salon keratin treatment. Back then such fixes contained harsh, noxious chemicals that left locks poker-straight but often lifeless.Today, she relies on Cezanne—an updated professional service that uses a combination of keratin, glycolic acid and sericin (a natural protein produced by silkworms) to smooth strands and boost shine without combating natural texture. Promoted as safe for straight, wavy, curly, kinky, color-treated and relaxed hair, the treatment is popular among celebrity hairstylist Mateo Jon’s ‘wash-and-go’ clients at Virgo in Los Angeles. Adena Whitlow, 36, a lawyer in Vancouver, Canada, said it helped tame the ‘frizzy nightmare’ she developed postpartum. The silky effects, say advocates, can last anywhere from 10 weeks to five months. Costs range from $200 to $800.”

Bryce Gruber, Today's Parent. Treatment received at The L Salon in New Paltz, NY.

"My hair was in a frizz rut for the last several months and I was in deep need of a reset and smoothing treatment....I knew if I was super intense about opting for organic soaps and the gentlest shampoos for kids, I'd want a formaldehyde-free keratin option.That's why I chose the Cezanne Keratin Treatment, and OMG—I'm so glad I did....If you're proud of your natural texture (I am a proud eager 2B curly-wavy girl), it promises to leave your natural curl pattern intact. I still have all my glorious texture and bounce, just without the inevitable frizziness life throws your way. That's thanks to Cezanne's smooth spackling effect of added keratin and silk proteins. And it's ah-mah-zing."

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